From Sabah:

A statue belonging to the Roman era was found in an olive depot located in Gemlik, Bursa.

Police have raided an olive depot after being notified about an illegal historical artifact trade. A statue of two women holding a globe in their hands is assumed to belong the Roman era was captured.
Police said the owners of the depot was trying to sell the statue for $ 15 million to some foreign buyers.

According to an information obtained from Bursa Police Department, Gemlik police was notified about two illegal traders; 46 year old Kemal K. and his friend Ismail A. Security teams have detected 6 different addresses for the suspects and raided all 6 addresses concurrently on Wednesday.
Police found the marble statue in Ismail A.'s olive depot located in Gemlik.
Both suspects were taken under custody.
Suspects said they bought the statue for a very cheap price from Aegean region.

Now I don't usually link to images in newspapers but ...

... I simply have to join the New Antiquarian in expressing my skepticism at the 'authenticity' of this. It really looks like something 'inspired' by the thing they give out at the World Cup.