From PR Inside comes a bit on a somewhat chronologically-challenged Hugh Jackman:

The 'X-Men' star is fascinated by time travel but thinks the disadvantages would outweigh the benefits.
He said: "The 1920s hold a fascination but I don't think you'd want to be sick in the 20s. Health care wasn't great and there were no computers. All the movies, flappers and parties were great, but let's face it, I'd switch everything for the right medicine. Also, I do quite like my email and my BlackBerry." Earlier this year, history obsessed Hugh admitted he would love to portray the Greek philosopher Socrates in a movie.
He said: "I've always been a huge fan of Socrates. I think his story is great, and I figured that he died, like, 3,000 years ago so people don't really remember him. I could probably have a go there.
Hi jokingly added: "We could turn it into a musical because apparently he loved show-tunes, Socrates. That's a little-known fact!"