Not sure what to make of this thing from the Observer ... here's the first 'graf only because the language and content gets potentially offensive:

Professor Keith Newton, Regis Professor of Ancient History and Classical Civilisation at Warwick University, 71-year-old widower and grandfather of five, renowned expert on the role of oligarchy in Spartan military planning, publisher of a four-volume commentary on Thucydides's History of the Greek Wars and, in his spare time, a campaigner for road safety in rural communities, woke one morning to find he was taking part in a live, 24 hours a day TV reality show and it was now the section where all the house-guests had to drink a litre of vinegar.

... I'm assuming fiction of some sort ...


David Parsons glosses:

Armando Iannucci [sc. the author of the piece] is an intelligent but fairly bad-language-prone comedian who is often on British TV screens. This is just a satirical flight of fancy.