First the Parthenon, now the Colosseum ... from Monsters and Critics:

A U.S. movie crew shot part of a science-fiction flick inside the famed Colosseum in Rome.

The company led by Doug Linman had three days of rare access to the ancient Roman landmark, including the underground chambers, thanks to the receptiveness of Rome`s mayor and movie buff, Walter Veltroni.

The New York Times said Veltroni has actively courted Hollywood and the rest of the international cinema industry and paved the way for the city to rent out the place.

The newspaper noted that even the Roman epic 'Gladiator' was shot in Malta.

Shooting was strictly limited to early morning and late afternoon. No lighting was allowed inside and Linman knew he wouldn`t get a chance to go back and shoot anything over.

Linman`s film 'Jumper' centers on a hero who can teleport through time and space and has included location shooting in China, Paris, the Sahara Desert and Michigan, among others. The film is scheduled for release in 2008.