Scire volunt omnes; mercedem solvere nemo.
(Juvenal, Satires 7.157)

pron = SKEE-ray WOH-loont OHM-nays MAIR-keh-dehm SOL-whe-reh NAY-moh.

Everyone wants to know; no one wants to pay what is required.

Comment: Juvenal is a little too skeptical, but he makes the point.
Know-how, skill, ability, and talent are all things that we tend to see in others as finished products, and very often, as natural ability that they were born with. It's easy, then, to sit back and envy them or feel sorry for ourselves that we are not "special" in that regard--or worse, do both.

The reality is that people who have special knowledge, ability, talent in the arts, or a fine skill arrived at that point through a great deal of practice, training and hard work. They took whatever ability they had, little or great, and worked hard. So, it is not true that no one is willing to pay what is required. Those who are willing to work hard, practice often, and study diligently do get to know. In fact, those individuals are likely the ones who see their special knowledge, skill, or talent as a lifelong practice, and not a finished product.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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