From NWI Times comes a FWIW excerpt from the lifestyle pages:

Author Dharma Windham has written a new book about Cleopatra that equates the Queen of the Nile to today's social royalty Paris Hilton.

Windham, who spells the great lady of Egypt's name as "Kleopatra" for historical reasons, also mentions Marie Antoinette as regal trendsetter of ages past on par with Hilton.

"They're each famous for their extravagant displays of wealth, and as movers and shakers who boasted an adoring public, even though they're separated by about 20 centuries," said Windham, a scholar of Hellenistic and Egyptian magic and religion.

Last Thursday, I spoke with Denise Malinich, who's owned Malinich Jewelers in Dyer with husband Marty for 37 years about this Cleopatra subject and she doesn't necessarily buy the Hilton connection.

Malinich knows more than just a thing or two about Cleopatra.

She spent the summer in Rome on the Appian Way with her husband to retrace Cleopatra's steps, while also studying her taste and passion for jewelry.

Windham's book "Reluctant Goddess: Kleopatra and the Stolen Throne" (2006 Infinity Publishing $22.95) hits the stores this week.