From IranMania:

The Iranian publishing institute Nashr-e Tus has recently released the Persian version of “The Greeks and the Barbarians”, a book that responds to the false information given by Western historians, particularly Herodotus, about Iran during the Achaemenid era, MNA reported.

Iranian scholar Amir-Mehdi Badi’ has authored the book in French based on his 40 years of study and research.

With his great knowledge of Latin, Greek, English, French, and German, Badi’ has utilized first-hand sources in writing the book.

The Persian translation of “The Greeks and the Barbarians” is scheduled to be introduced during a ceremony at the Iranian Artists Forum tomorrow.

Morteza Saqebfar, Ein Ruhbakhshian, and Qasem San’avi from the translation and editorial team as well as some Iranian scholars such as Iraj Afshar, Kamran Fani, Jaleh Amuzegar, Turaj Daryaii, and Mohammad-Ebrahim Bastani Parizi plan to attend the ceremony.

... hopefully this will get translated into English ...