Linguam compescere virtus non est minima.

To take control of one's tongue is not the least virtue.

pron = LING-wahm kohm-PES-keh-reh WIR-toos nohn ehst MIH-nih-mah.

Comment: Compescere can also mean "to consider the activity of" as well as to take control of. Becoming aware of how I am using language and then choosing to curtail it is no little feat, and for me, personally, apparently will take a lifetime! Speech gives the ego a stage, and the stage is always open and available. Unfortunately, the ego does not note very well that every other human being walking along does not wish to be in its audience!

One can choose an inner stage where the ego is no longer the actor, but an audience of one. This inner stage is the theater of reflection.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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