Not sure of the value of these ones ... found by detectorists in Bulgaria. From the Echo:

A number of valuable artifacts were found in five houses in the Pernik region and five people were detained.

Among the finds are 309 Roman silver coins, Focus news agency reported. Policemen also found a Bulgarian medieval cross, a Roman bronze amulet and jewels from different time periods, Focus news agency reported.

The treasure hunters possessed five metal detectors used to find the artifacts.

Representatives of the National Museum of History said that the finds were very valuable. They were probably found close to Priboi village, where a Roman settlement was located, Focus reported.

Also on November 15 the Pleven History Museum received 11 000 artifacts that police seized from treasure hunters.

Museum director Mihail Gruncharov said that this was the biggest collection received so far.

The valuables were seized between July and November 2006. Among them are 7000 Roman coins, weapons, mirrors and dishes.

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