Improbus est homo qui beneficium scit accipere et reddere nescit.
(Plautus, Persa 762)

There is something wrong with the one who knows how to accept a kindness and does not know how to return one.

pron = ihm-PROH-boos ehst HOH-moh kwee beh-neh-FEE-kee-oom skit
ahk-KIH-peh-reh eht
REH-deh-reh NEHS-kit.

Comment: What a wonderful view into the kind of human exchange that
heals, and the kind that steals. This is an energy exchange. The
really authentic human being knows how to accept a kindness and how to
return a kindness. And a really sad and broken human being only knows
how to take the kindness and walk away. No sense of gratitude. No
sense of the balance of kindness to be shared. No sense of the
opportunity that awaits any offer of kindness that we make. This person is one who has not allowed himself to be kind to himself. How can he possibly offer that to another?

I am pretty sure that I know how to accept and return kindness. I
also know, looking back over my shoulder, that there have been plenty
of times in my life when I have taken and not returned. My own
history gives me a renewed sense that this is an evolution of human
spirit that we can grow in. And, I suspect, that every time we accept
a kindness, the new seeds of that growth are planted in us. We see a mirror that allows for some memory of who we really are to stir. And then, we
plant those seeds in those to whom we give a kindness.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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