Hmmm ... this one seems suspicious ... from Novinite:

Antiques are on sale on a Bulgarian website, an investigation of Darik Radio has revealed.

The website offers amateur photos of the historical treasures taken at private homes around the country. The initial price of the valuable objects is BGN 2,000 and it eventually reaches BGN 30,000.

Among the most precious objects on the website are a gold Thracian goblet, a gold earring, and a gold Roman coin portraying Roman emperor Domician. The site displays bronze statues from the 3-4th centuries AC, a gold coin from the reign of Byzantine emperor Zenon, and a statue of the Greek god Zeus.

According to Internet rules the creators of the auction bear no responsibility for the origin of the goods on sale. The contact with the seller is established only via the Internet and the face-to-face meeting takes place only after that.

Historical and cultural treasures found in Bulgaria are offered in all the auctions scheduled to be held by the end of the year, the general department for combating organised crime told Darik Radio.

There will be other scandals similar to the one that broke after Christie's auctioning house offered for sale the unique silver platter discovered in Bulgaria, the country's antiques contraband fighting task force envisage.