Remember that big antiquities bust on Schinoussa? Here's a (somewhat strange) followup from Kathimerini:

The findings of a police investigation into the massive antiquities haul from the island of Schinoussa have been submitted to a public prosecutor, law enforcement authorities said yesterday.

Police discovered hundreds of antiquities in April on Schinoussa, which is south of Naxos, in what is suspected to be part of an international smuggling operation.

Officials described the stash as the largest in stolen antiquities ever found.

Despina Papadimitriou, who owns the house where the antiquities were discovered, has played down her role in the incident by saying the ancient objects belonged to her brother, who died years ago in Italy.

A decision on whether charges will be filed is expected soon.

Ahhh ... the 'some older boy said I could have this' defense. And we're wondering whether to file charges? The brother, of course, was Christos Mihailidis, an associate of Robin Symes ... earlier pieces did mention that they were believed to have owned the house.