Omnia scire volunt omnes, sed discere nolunt.

Everyone wants to know everything, but they do not want to learn.

pron = OHM-nee-ah SKEE-ray WOH-loont OHM-nays sehd DIS-keh-reh NOH-loont.

Comment: It does say "everyone", and not "they". This proverb tempts
me to think of "those people" who want to know everything but who are
unwilling to learn.

But I can be one of "those people" as easily as anyone else. Teachers
can be those people as easily as students. Learning requires
something beyond what the ego is usually willing to put up with. Real
learning does, anyway.

Real learning might mean spending time with a book. But, more likely,
it means listening. Watching. Obseving. Observing within.
Observing without. Stepping back. Reflecting. And reflecting. And
reflecting some more. And refraining from jumping to judgment.

Ah. And that's it. When we want to know everything and don't want to
learn, it's because we love jumping to judgment--on others, or things,
so that we, the ego, are safe.

Real learning is huge. And my ego lives in a tiny little universe.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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