This just in from the Classicists list:

Preparation of a Supplement volume for LIMC: Call for information about new material

The Foundation for the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) is preparing a Supplement volume for LIMC. Numerous archaeological discoveries in recent decades (volume I of LIMC was published in 1981) have not only brought to light mythological figures not previously attested, but also enlarged and modified our knowledge about known figures; a Supplement is therefore a necessity.

Since the completion of the Lexicon (1999) the Foundation has been actively updating its documentation on mythological iconography. A complementary bibliography for LIMC, realized by the archive centres of Heidelberg and W├╝rzburg (the Academy of Sciences of Heidelberg) ( and a database with complementary bibliography realized by the French LIMC team in Paris ( ; access with free registration) are available online. In addition to its own efforts, however, the Foundation also now urges readers of this message to draw the Foundation's attention to new representations of divinities, heroes, heroines and personifications from the Greek, Etruscan and Roman worlds as well as from the eastern and western peripheries of those worlds.

In order to be included in the Supplement, a mythological figure should either be entirely absent from the already-published volumes of LIMC or, if already known, should meet certain criteria:

a) originality of the iconography: a figure represented in a so far unattested mythological episode or depicted according to a new schema;
b) chronology: earlier or later evidence for the figure concerned, in contrast to evidence previously attested;
c) medium: a mythological figure represented in a medium so far not attested (e.g. mosaic, glyptic, etc.);
d) origin: a mythological theme not hitherto attested for a given place or region.

In addition, any new representation which is rarely attested or accompanied by unusual inscriptions will be included in the Supplement. On the other hand, fresh evidence for themes and iconographic schemata already well-documented in LIMC will be excluded.

If you know of any representations - whether or not already published - which meet the above criteria, the Editorial Office of LIMC will be extremely grateful if you can bring them to their attention (P.O Box 614, CH-4001 Basel; before June 30th, 2007.

As well as sending in your own material for the Supplement, it would be a great help if you could *forward this message* to any colleague who you think may themselves be aware of relevant new material.

Richard Buxton
President, LIMC Foundation