Solem . . . e mundo tollere videntur qui amicitiam e vita tollunt.
(M. Tullius Cicero, De Amicitia 23.47)

They seem to remove the sun from the world who remove friendship from life.

pron = SOH-lehm ay MOON-doh TOHL-leh-reh wee-DEHN-toor ah-mih-KEE-tee-ahm ay WEE-tah TOHL-loont.

Comment: Anyone who reads this proverb, who has even a single friendship, will have his/her own immediate application and interpretation of what it means to them. And I am content to let today's comment come from Cicero himself and the reader.

Cicero says, after these words that friendship offers a certain refuge of care in life. He acknowledges that human beings must often make choices that are not easy. Friends provide solace in those times when we are caught making those difficult decisions.

Is friendship, for you, like having sunshine in the world? If so, how so?

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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