From the Community Press:

Latin might be stagnant in some parts of the world, but the Indian Hill middle school and high school embrace it.

Just ask Sherwin Little, who started the Latin Club 24 years ago. One of the three Latin teachers at Indian Hill High, he is also the president of the American Classical League, which celebrates classical languages.

He said more than 160 students from the school are members of Latin Club this year. An estimated 30 students from the club will travel to Rome in the spring to learn about Italian culture and how Latin was incorporated in the the country.

Erin Jansen, 17, joined the club in sixth-grade. A co-consul of the club, the junior from Indian Hill said the club is bonding more this year.

"In the past it kind of fell apart," she said. "I remember in seventh- and eighth-grade that we only went bowling."

Little said the club is trying to plan at least two events a month, which could attrach more students to the club. A toga party and skit shows at a nursing home are events in the coming weeks.

"I just really want the students to execute the things they are planning," Little said. "They are responsible for making things happen ... and they are doing a great job so far."

Club members recently walked around the track at Tomahawk Stadium in the name of breast cancer - the morning after the Homecoming dance at the high school, raising $1,200, Little said.

Lindsay Barber, 16, remembered that day well.

"We all probably got about four hours of sleep," said the junior from Indian Hill. "It was fun though."