Adulatio perpetuum malum regum.
(Q.Curtius Rufus, 8.5.14, adapted

Praise is a perpetual evil for kings.

pron = ah-doo-LAH-tee-oh per-PEH-too-oom MAH-loom RAY-goom

Comment: Imagine that you have the power of life and death. Imagine
individuals coming around you daily to tell you how wonderful you are.
They come subtley, always under the pretense of other things, normal
things, and yet always manage to work into the conversation how
wonderful you are, how smart you are, how much they need you.

Can you imagine (I can!) how you might look for these people each
day--for the daily boost? Can you imagine that their thoughts and
opinions might begin to matter a bit more? Can you imagine how they,
with their flattery, begin to control you who have the power of
absolute life and death?

While none of us are kings and queens, we do have power. Can we
imagine how easy it is to give away to those who flatter us?

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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