Multorum manibus grande levatur opus.

Important work is made light by the hands of many.

pron = mool-TOH-room MAH-ni-boos GRAHN-day leh-WAH-toor OH-poos.

Comment: My source says this is anonymous but I am pretty sure that
Hilary Clinton said this in a book a few years ago! Oh, but she
didn't say it in Latin. I am sure that if she had said it in Latin,
people would have taken it seriously, because anything in Latin is

Okay, now tongue removed from cheek. These are sensible, true to
experience, words that represent a powerful phenomenon. When human
beings work together on something that is difficult, they make it less
difficult, and they accomplish much more easily what one person might
find simply impossible.

I enjoy working in a school district where Latin teachers, via email,
share with each other, often on a daily basis, things they are
creating for their classes. Just yesterday, I emailed a teacher
that I knew had created a project, rubric and instructions for a
literary devices. Within 2 minutes, I was copying her documents to
give to my Latin IV students. The proect was just what I needed for
my students, and the shared efforts of another teacher made my work
day a little lighter. This is one little example.

The converse is also true. Little tasks become
much more burdensome when the hands of others are withdrawn.

Leaves me wondering to what task I put my hands today.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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