Distringit librorum multitudo.
(Seneca, Epistulae Morales 2.3)

A multitude of books is distracting.

Pron = dihs-TRIN-git lihb-ROH-room mool-tih-TOO-doh.

Comment: Seneca's thought actually goes on to say:

itaque cum legere non possis quantum habueris, satis est habere quantum legas.

"And so when you are not able to read as much as you have, it is enough
to have as much as you read."

This really can be an anecdote to our drivenness in this culture.
Ever feel like you are being absolutely driven by "all that I have to
do"? I know that I do, and when I become aware of that kind of
thinking running me, it has usually coalesced into some pretty
frightening and panicky feelings.

But, we can stop in that driven moment and also say, back to ourselves
(outloud helps): I can be driven by all I have to do, or I can do all
that I have. In other words, what I have done today is
enough--satis--as the Latin said. And what I have done today is
enough. It is not all that I wanted or had to do, but it is what I
have done. It is enough.

We can decide that. We can allow that. And breathe. This kind of
freedom already resides within us.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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