From the Cambridge Evening News:

DEVELOPERS have found they are not the first builders at a site in Bottisham - the previous work was done by the Romans.

Excavations have uncovered archaeology dating back nearly 2,000 years at the site at Tunbridge Lane.

Kate Nicholson, of Archaeological Solutions which is carrying out the dig said: "The archaeology at this site is potentially of national significance.

Excavations at nearby sites have revealed features typical of the outlying parts of a villa estate or large farmstead.

"Preliminary archaeological work at the new site suggests it was the focal area of the Roman settlement. It's not unlikely that the walls seen during preliminary work represent the villa building itself."

She said that because the site had been under pasture for at least 200 years, the remains had not been disturbed by deep ploughing.

A geophysical survey is to be carried out to identify walls, floors and ditches.

The first phase of Land Charter Homes' development of 45 apartments and houses is expected to be released for sale by Bidwells next spring.