The question comes up from time to time about what a Classics Club actually does ... here's an example from the Daily Vidette:

There is more to classic literature than just reading and discussing it according to the Classics Club.

"It's a group of students who are interested in the classics which are Greek and Latin ancient culture, language and history," senior history major, Sam Cyrkiel said.

The RSO of over 20 students meets on Mondays in Stevenson 113 at 8 p.m.
The organization's activities range from fundraising to field trips.

"We do a lot of different stuff and most of it depends on the year, like what is going on in the community," David Schauer, President of Classics Club, and a senior English education major, said.

Last year was filled with many field trips to downtown Chicago.

"Last year we took a trip to Chicago for the Pompeii exhibit and King Tut. This year we have a couple plays in downtown Chicago in mind like Shakespeare or Helen of Troy," Schauer said.

The club has a new faculty leader this year.

"Classics Club is meant to promote interests in Greek and Roman literature, culture and history, and what better way to do that than by means of taking trips to Chicago," Brighton Hammer, a professor of languages, literature and culture, said.

The RSO welcomes any student who is interested in the classics and membership fees are $15 to cover the cost of transportation to field trips.
"The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed. There's not a lot of pressure," Schauer said.

Classics Club is also linked to the national fraternity, Eta Sigma Phi.

"We just started Eta Sigma Phi which is a classics honor fraternity and it's just that you have to have taken a Latin or Greek class and gotten a B in it," Cyrkiel said.

"We don't have a classics minor or major at ISU and this gives people the opportunity to discuss their interests even though they can't focus on it in school," she added.
Besides reading classical texts, the club is very active.

"We lead discussions, we watch movies, and we try to go on a lot of field trips," Cyrkiel said.

They are also active on-campus.
"We do a lot on-campus as far as fundraising and anything somewhat classic related, we get out there," Schauer said.
Classics Club had been on ISU's campus for several years, but faded. Last year it was revived to make it what it is today.

The club is also looking to volunteer locally to find out more about Bloomington-Normal's history.

"We are looking at volunteering at the local museums and historical societies," Cyrkiel said.

"We really just go out and have fun and meet people," Cyrkiel added.