... brief item from the Observer:

The sixtysomething Mick Jagger is currently bringing tears of nostalgia to all eyes as he relives his glory days ... singing pop songs. In one respect, at any rate, Cicero would have applauded him, as he explains in his essay 'On Old Age' (44BC). 'De senectute' is an imaginary conversation staged in Rome in 150BC. The main speaker is the revered Elder Cato, who would have been 84 at the time ... all that leaping about on stage would certainly have met with approval in this respect: the fight against bodily decline. Here, Cato recommends moderate exercise and food enough to strengthen, but not overburden, the body. Cato also applauds 'the old man with the touch of youth' - another plus for Sir Mick. But most of all, Cato adjures, one must keep the mental faculties taut as a bow ... let Sir Mick take up ancient Greek to become the perfect role model for the nation's oldies.