... to us! Amidst doing a pile of stuff for my online Latin courses and school prep, I suddenly realized today is the third anniversary of rogueclassicism's official launch! And if it's our blogiversary, it's NT Gateway's too! Depending on which of the tickers you believe down there, we're either approaching or have surpassed 400,000 views in that time, which is pretty darned good either way (generally speaking, in 'high season' there are 400-600 folks visiting a day). We're just the 'little Classics blog that could'.

What lies in the future? Well, as hinted at previously, I'm trying to deal with spammers at Classics Central and am thinking I might just set up separate blog feeds for the most useful sections of that forum (i.e. the jobs listings, calls for papers, conferences). I'm also going to be setting up a separate feed for 'This Day in Ancient History' (which is often requested). All that should be happening by the end of September.

On rogueclassicism will be back to full publication, with 'This Day', the daily links to news in Latin, etc. ... hope y'all will continue to stop by and thanks for coming out!