An excerpt from a press release advertising a 'rare Roman torso' on sale at Medusa Art:

An Aug 20th article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned that "The heightened appreciation for art as an investment is driven largely by rising prices at auctions." As prices continue to climb, wealth managers have become bullish on the art and antiquities market for their clients. With the increased value, the volume of quality pieces on the market is diminishing, driving prices even higher. Over the past 5 years prices better quality antiquities have doubled, leaving dealers scrambling to find new inventory.

Fine art & antiquities merchants such as ( are working diligently to find new objects to fulfill the growing demand. "We were quite lucky to recently acquire a beautiful, rare, Roman Torso of a young God from the 1st century AD, published in 1926 in the Hagop Kevorkian Collection of Antiquities, founder of The Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University" said Allan Anawati President of "Five years ago this piece would have sold for around $25,000. In today’s market, a piece of this quality is evaluated at about $60,000-$80,000 and will probably continue to appreciate in value as the demand for antiquities grows beyond the available inventory."

Interesting ... at the beginning of summer I wrote that this is exactly what would be happening because of all the repatriation cases ... QED ...