The lesson ... always check with the Classics Department (or your 12-year-old) ... from WFTV:

Thousands of Gator T-shirts are going back in the box because of a mix up. Roman numerals meant to denote the year "2006" on the University of Florida shirts actually translate into "26."

Pepsi paid for the shirts. It has an exclusive contract with the school.

According to UF's athletic association, neither Pepsi nor the school discovered the error before distribution. But those handing out the free shirts and the students who got them noticed.

Over 20,000 shirts were printed, and those that have not been distributed to students will be returned to Pepsi.

A Pepsi spokeswoman said it's not clear what they will do with the shirts that are returned, but that they apologize for the error. Pepsi will pay for another set of shirts to be distributed in late September before the Alabama game.

This isn't a first for the University Athletic Association. In 2003, it published media guides that featured a crocodile on the front cover instead of an alligator -- the school's mascot.

A suggestion -- just to get some totally-off-topic CanCon in this one -- Pepsi can give the shirts to the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, which will be celebrating a 26th anniversary competition next year ... ain't google wunnerful?