Sermo datur cunctis, animi sapientia paucis.

The capacity for speech is given to everyone, but wisdom of mind to
only a few.

Pron = SEHR-moh DAH-toor KOONK-tees AH-nih-mee sah-pee-EHN-tee-ah POW-kees

Comment: Or, so it would seem. It might be more accurate to say that
while all human beings seem to have figured out how to make words come
out of our mouths, we don't always master, equally well, some internal
guiding mechanism.

It strikes me that it is the "internal" part that so illudes us.
Forces have worked on us most of our lives to convince us that
guidance and direction come from somewhere outside of us--in an
authority, in a book, in laws, in rules, in relationships. And when
we depend entirely on any of those things, we end up doing really stupid things.

I subscribe to the possibility that all human beings come with the
capacity to find inner guidance. That does not mean that we do, but
that we can. In order to find it, though, we have to tire of the
sound of our own voice. Then, we get quiet, and we discover the
voice-more-real inside. The voice that is really who we are. My own
experience is that my capacity to hear this voice comes and goes, that
I am still often taken with making noise come out of my face. And
then I grow tired of that again, and I hear the voice again--deep

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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