Homo sine pecunia mortis imago.

A human being without money is the image of death.

Pron = HOH-moh SEE-nay peh-KOO-nee-ah MOR-tis ih-MAH-go.

Comment: And once and the same time this statement is both something
that I think most people would have to agree with on one level, and so
deeply cynical as to be a shame to the human legacy, on another.

This is what we have come to. A human being without money is as good
as dead. A year ago the thousands abandoned at the dome in New
Orleans fit this picture. And yet, the response of Americans was
outrage. Homeless, penniless human beings were, indeed, worth rescue.

That's because the better motto would be this: homo sine pecunia
fratris, infantis, sororis, vicini, cordis mei imago. That is: a
human being without money is the image of my brother, an infant, my
sister, my neighbor and my own heart.

The cynicism still runs a silent course in most of our veins, though.
Who will I see today that I quietly, almost unconsciously, deem less
valuable than someone else? How might I see that person as my own

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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