Laura Gibbs has recently added feedburner's email service to Bestiaria and it reminded me that I wanted to reveal another one of my 'trade secrets' for keeping on top of blogs. About six months ago a new service called Squeet hit the internet world and it's extremely useful. It will convert any rss feed to email so you can have a summary of a new post emailed to you rather than having to go through an rss reader etc.

Why is this useful? Simply put, you don't visit sites without any new content. It's more passive, and, by definition ... easier. It also allowed me to check on the blogs rather more easily when I was on vacation and stopping in at an internet cafe with wonky access. When I get my act together, there will be a 'subscribe with squeet' button somewhere in that right column.


Comments on this post:

Interesting! I have to check this out.

I do have installed FeedBurner, including the e-mail notification, in my blog.

However, I do have a problem of Feedburner's Yahoo feed not showing up properly on my own My Yahoo Page, it's stuck at July 16!

I wonder whether someone could test this for me on their own page.

Also, I discovered that on Google's Personalized Home Page one can simply put the URL of the blog in, no RSS contortions necessary.

Irene Hahn