First, from BNN:

A unique gold treasure from Thracian times was found on Sunday near the town of Sinemorets at the Bulgarian seaside, news agencies reported.

The excavations near the mouth of Veleka River continued during the day and the field is guarded by the police.
Local people have dug the hill for inert materials and later archeologists discovered the gold treasure, Darik radio announced. There are lots of gold and silver vessels and cult clay tiles with the image of Mother Earth Goddess. Up to the Sunday evening an extremely valuable wreath and a set of golden earrings have been brought out of the hill. Archeological work goes on without stopping, Darik radio added.

... with more details from SNA:

Bulgarian archeologists suggested that the fresh sensational find was from a priestess funeral, media reported Monday.

The gold and silver objects found near Sinemorets the past weekend were dated back to the 3rd Century B.C..

Meanwhile, media revealed that a prosecution's check had begun at the site to determine whether there have been any violations by excavators.

There had been a signal that people were digging at the mound as early as June 7, according to reports, indicating that the treasure might has been rummaged.

On Sunday, archeologists brought out a tiara and ear accessories made of gold. Silver and ceramic objects have also surfaced.