si usus magister est optimus, mihi debet esse notissima.

If experience is the best teacher, I ought to know I(this expression) best of all.

(M.Tullius Cicero, Pro Rabirio Postumo 4.9, adapted)

Pron = see OO-soos mah-gis-ter est OHP-tih-moos MEE-hee deh-beht
ehs-seh noh-TIS-sih-mah

Comment:For a statement like this, the context almost doesn't matter.
Which of us doesn't immediately nod in agreement with this long dead
Roman, Cicero? Have there been any experiences that we've had which
have taught us invaluable lessons? Certainly we laugh at the thought
of anything but a "yes" in answer. And, I know for myself, the
experiences which teach the most resoundingly are those where I took
the wrong path, made a mistake, acted foolishly, didn't know what I
was doing.

And yet, I must affirm: in all of those circumstances, I was doing the
best I was capable of at the moment. That's why the experience
teaches. At the moment, I do the best I can, and when my best falls
short of a "good" outcome, I, of all people, stand to benefit from the
new insights from it all.

In my estimation, any human being who understands this kind of dynamic
can only be made more compassionate toward others who, today, while
doing the best they can, are having really awful experiences. Let's
greet them as fellow learners!

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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