Another vague and strangely-written item from the SNA:

A unique Thracian gold treasure has been unearthed near the eastern Bulgarian village of Sinemorets, at the mouth of Veleka River.

Archeological digs are undergoing even in the late hours of the day, Darik News reported, while armed policemen are watching over the treasure.

Locals stumbled upon the amazing discovery while digging for sand for a construction. Archaeologists were quickly called to the scene and they discovered the treasure at dawn on Sunday.

Many golden and silver dishes and ornaments and clay stones with the image of the Mother Earth have been discovered. Ancient Thrace people worshipped the goddess, so this helped in dating the relics.

The most stunning piece that was dug out so far is a priceless crown, along with a pair of golden earrings.

All archaeologists working in the area have already joined their colleagues at the site, and are working without rest, adrenaline rushing through their veins.