From the Sofia News Agency:

A Thracian town dating back to IV century B.C. in central Bulgaria has the potential to become one of the country's archaeological hotspots, according to experts.

Local authorities in the town of Kazanluk plan to turn it into a place of great importance to Bulgaria's tourism. The municipality and four Dutch companies will set up in September a foundation, aimed to promote the ancient town and fund its restoration.

The attractive site, which is the only one of its kind preserved in Bulgaria spreads on a 50 dca area.

Currently, the Thracian heritage is under water after the near dam overflowed it, but the mayor plans to drain the site by erecting a dam wall around it.

Preliminary estimates show that the whole project will be worth some EUR 50 M and may be carried out in eight to nine months.

Maybe I'm becoming jaded and suspicious (becoming?), but I'm starting to wonder about these reports ... seems every other week there are plans to exploit the tourist potential of this or that Bulgarian site. Do these things ever come to fruition?