As mentioned a couple of times by now, we're off to Sicily, and so to keep y'all visiting either rc or the blogs we visit, I'm going to give away some 'trade secrets' as it were an publish a complete list of all the blogs/sites I visit on a daily (or so) basis in various ways. [My purpose isn't entirely benefactorial ... I have hopes of getting internet access somewhere during our trip and hopefully I'll get to check in on some of these myself on my handy little Axim (anyone else think Axim is a Latin adverb describing Lizzy Borden?)]. Ecce:

General: Ancient History (N.S. Gill)
Archaeology in Europe (David Beard)
Ancient and Modern (at the Friends of Classics site)
Sauvage Noble (Angelo Mercado)
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (Philip Harland)
Stoa Consortium (directed by Ralph Scaife, various contributors)
Laudator Temporis Acti (Michael Gilleland)
blogographos (owned by Debra Hamel; various contributors)
Curculio (Michael Hendry)
Hobbyblog (Ed Flinn)
William Blathers (William Annis)
Towards an Iconography of Iconoclasm (Troels Myrups)
Roman History Books and More (Irene Hahn)
Muhlberger's Early History (Steve Muhlberger)
Memorabilia Antonina (Tony Keen)
Thoughts on Antiquity (Chris Weimer)
Glaukopidos (Glaukopis)
Campus Mawrtius (Dennis and Eric)
Vergil (Vergil ... turn off the sound)
PhDiva (Dorothy King)
Bread and Circuses (Adrian Murdoch)
Archaeoastronomy (Alun Salt)
Elginism (owner?)
homo edax (Varro)
Roman Times (Mary Harrsch)
Mediterranean Archaeology (Ioannis Georganas)
Tropaion (various authors)

Martialis (is this blog still active?)
Classics in Contemporary Culture (Ditto)


Life of Antoninus Pius
Under Odysseus

Spanish Language (except for the Los Suenos, I'm not sure how 'alive' these are; I've only recently started monitoring them):

Los Suenos de Hermes
La fragua de Vulcano
Tempus Fugit
Incipit Titivillus
Raco de Classiques
Marina y las Musas
de sirenas y piranyas
Piram i Tisbe
el cuaderno gris (does appear to be alive)
Latin ies Bunol
Festina Lente
Tempore Capto
Departament de LLati
El Gran Julio Cesar
Carpe Diem (seems alive)

Latin Teachers:

ARLT (author?)
Atriades (someone at Taunton School)
The Latin Zone (Ginny Lindzey)
pro linguae Latinae Magistris (Mark Keith)
magistra dixit (owner?)
Bestiaria Latina (Laura Gibbs)

Greek and Latin Language:

Akropolis World News (on hiatus until the end of September)
YLE's Nuntii Latini (on hiatus until the end of summer)
Radio Bremen's Nuntii Latini (should be updated around August 1)
Lingua Latina (K.C. Kless)
Commentarium Meum (Josephus)


Paleojudaica (Jim Davila)
NT Gateway (Mark Goodacre)
Philo of Alexandria (Torrey Seland)
Hypotyposeis (Stephen Carlson)

Online books:

The Online Books Page at UPenn
Project Gutenberg's latest additions


Ancient World of Greece and Rome (livejournal)
Classical Greek (livejournal)
Communitas Latinitatis (livejournal)
Roma Antiqua (livejournal)

Roma Antiga (Portuguese)

Done With Mirrors (checked on Thursdays for Carnival of the Etymologies ... hasn't been done in a while)
Michel van Rijn's Art News
Humbul Humanities Hub Classics Resources (nothing new in quite a while)
APA What's New Page
ABZU recent additions

Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics

I think that's all of them ... one of my rss monitoring things isn't working right now, so I might have left someone out. Feel free to drop me a line if you feel your blog has been left out.

Rogueclassicism should return to normal publication in the final week of August. Have a good summer!