Interesting item from Wanted in Rome:

Emperors Julius Caesar and Nerone will be put on trial respectively in the new theatre production "Imperatori alla Sbarra" complete with judge, jury, lawyers and public prosecutors. Twelve people will be chosen from among the audience each night to form the jury and who will pronounce their verdict of guilty or not guilty.
Julius Caesar’s "trial" will take place from 17-24 July (Mon-Fri at 21.00) while Nerone will be placed under the spotlight from 24-28 July (Mon-Fri at 21.00). Both shows are written by Corrado Augias and Vladimiro Polchi and directed by Giorgio Ferrara with music by Alessandro Nidi.
Screenwriting is drawn by classic authors such as Cesare, Cicerone, Svetonio, Plutarco and William Shakespeare. Entrance is free.

Of course, years ago Trevor Hodge did something similar for CBC Radio (and I know they were broadcast on ABC as well) ... In the early days of RealMedia I bugged the CBC to make them available online but they told me it was too much trouble to track down the authors, yadda yadda yadda, for permission ... when I offered to track them down, I received a rude email from some CBC lugnut to leave them (i.e. the CBC) alone.