From Kathimerini:

Ecologists expressed fear yesterday that the construction of a new road running through an ancient site on the Cycladic island of Andros will lead to the destruction of valuable antiquities.

The Network of Cycladic Ecological Organizations said plans to build a road through the Mycenaean-era site in Kato Palaiopolis would result in the “irreversible and immediate destruction of the antiquities.”

Campaigners also argued that the site lies within a protected zone and authorities should not allow the road to be built there.

Authorities on Andros said the road would help bring visitors to the site. “The main reason for building the roads is for access to the archeological site and to help the excavation work. We want it to be accessible and attractive for visitors,” said the head of the local authority, G. Maltabes.

He pledged the road would be “narrow” and that locals would benefit from its construction.

The final decision will be taken the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), which has already visited the island to assess the project.