From IOL (Ireland, not South Africa):

A mortar bomb from the Second World War was found today in the archaeological ruins of Pompeii, Italy, police officials said.

The bomb was discovered in the rubble of the Surgeon’s House, the archaeological site next to the Roman Basilica, the ANSA news agency said.

Police from Pompeii secured the area as tourists looked on until the bomb squad from Naples arrived.

Police said the public was never in any danger.

The device was removed from the ruins and the bomb squad defused it in a controlled explosion in a nearby ditch, ANSA said.

Unexploded bombs dating back from the Second World War are found frequently throughout the region of Campania, where Pompeii is located.

Train and bus services were closed one day last year in June as a precautionary measre against a controlled explosion of a bomb found near the Circumvesuviana train line.

... I think that's the second such bit of weaponry found there in the last decade or so ...