Okay ... I've read this one a couple of times now and my mind is still in boggulo ... from the Sofia News Agency:

A museum in south Bulgaria has left out on the street bones of Thracians, found at different archaeological sites in the region, a newspaper revealed Friday.

Stray dogs have been rummaging the findings for days, residents of Kardzhali have told 24 Chasa daily.

Workers had to take pieces out of the museum storehouse after its land was denationalized and had to be restored to previous owners.

Bones, ceramic items and fossils can be seen piled up next to the street, a reporter has said after visiting the site.

The newspaper informed the police, and authorities immediately ordered for the museum items to be brought back indoors, 24 Chasa says.

The Thracian bones have been recovered from Tsarkvitsa, Sedlovina, Sedlare, as well as the ancient sanctuary of Perperikon.