Remember a while back there was a 'scandal' in Italian Academe because the subject matter of the Greek exam was leaked via the internet? Here's what ultimately happened ... from AGI:

The leak of news on the Internet on the written test in Greek for the Liceo Classico during the school leaving exams did not effect the correct development of the exam, confirmed the minister for Education, Giuseppe Fioroni, replying to a question during "question time". The publication of the title of the extract of Greek by Plutarch, explained the minister, happened after 8 in the morning, the time fixed for the start of the written tests and could therefore not have influenced the students who at that time were all inside the exam hall and could not communicate in any way with the outside world. Fioroni, who recalled how in insuring secrecy on the content of the tests the ministry was helped by the Communications Police who did not record any leak regarding the text of the written tests, has ensured that no violation was reported neither by ministerial inspectors who invigilated the judicial commissions. With regards to translating the extract, explained Fioroni, no help could have come to the students "from just knowing the title of the version and even less from that of the work as it is a notably large and textually and philologically complex collection of writing and as such difficult to specify the proposed part".