From Horncastle Today:

A TWO thousand year old pot was one of hundreds of Roman finds on the site of Horncastle's skate park on the playing fields.
Muckton archaeologist Marc Berger was joined by volunteers from the Horncastle Skatepark Committee Support Group (HSCSG) for the dig.
He explained: "The finds seem to be a mixture of early and late Roman times, but none from the middle.
"This signifies maybe the Romans moved away from the area for a while - it could have been a peripheral settlement."
He said the area was most likely to be the site of a Roman house.
Many of the items were black-burnished wear - thought to be one of the commonest types of Romano-British pottery, dating back to 120AD.
There were also
reddish coloured samian wear, bone fragments and some bronze age items thought to date back as far as 2,000BC, as well as five Roman coins.
But, the 'star find' was a first or second century pedestal pot decorated with a wavy line pattern which was quite common at the time.
Mr Berger explained: "This was quite an ornamental pot. It was made to be looked at and to show something off - whether it be flowers or food.
"This makes Mareham Road more of a Roman Road than originally thought."
One of the first finds was uncovered by HSCSG secretary Sue Hopper. It was a copper alloy ring, the size of a key ring which could have been a fastener for something like a belt, or maybe a very early key ring.
Although the finds belong to the HSCSG Mr Berger suggested the items could be displayed locally such as at the library or at the City of Lincoln Museum.
The items will now be sent to a Roman expert to be dated and identified.