Boy ... they're digging up statuary everywhere. From ERT comes news of an Artemis from Larissa:

A unique statue depicting a female figure, probably the finest the land of Thessaly has brought to light, was unearthed Thursday at Larissa’s Ancient Theatre during restoration works.

The headless statue depicts goddess Artemis and probably dates back to the mid-1st century BC. A short tunic is wrapped around the statue with an animals’ skin on top, while the main body is richly decorated.

Archaeologist and Director of Larissa’s XV Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Athanasios Tzafalias, who is supervising the excavation works, ranked it among the finest statues ever created in Ancient Thessaly.

The statue is 80cm tall and the whole structure is estimated to have been 1.65cm to 1.70cm tall based on the body.

The statue of goddess Artemis is probably one of the most important finds that will be exhibited at Larissa’s Archaeological Museum upon its completion.

A small photo accompanies the original article.