From BNN:

The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture provided for additional finance of the excavation in the ancient site of Perperikon, its press office announced.

The sum of leva (BGN) 150,000 (EUR76,800; US$96,868) are granted for the excavations’ renewing and the preservation of the cultural complex, situated near Kardzhali, 260 km (162.5 miles) southeast from Sofia. Archaeologists start working this week, officials added.
The Ministry of Regional Development announced the start of infrastructure building to Perperikon last month.
Excavations’ chief prof. Nikolay Ovcharov said restoration and preservation of the culture spot will be financed by Phare program. In his words a finds museum, a laboratory and visitors’ routes will be crated near the site. The project totals at EUR 2 million (US$2,521,794).
The ancient sanctuary of Perperikon was found in 2000 when excavations started. Archaeologists reckon it a famous Thracian settlement and sanctuary of the Hellenistic god of wine and ecstasy Dionysus.