A couple of things folks might want to check out, in the interests of 'equal time', in regards to things mentioned at rc. In the 'quite a while ago' department, there's a report at the Biblical Archaeology site that the patina on the James Ossuary is 'older' than previously thought ... in the 'more recently' department, we have an AP story about an Egyptian geologist (!) suggesting the Bosnian 'pyramid' must be man made ... the AFP coverage causes one to wonder once again though; here's a quote:

Aly Abd Alla Barakat, of the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority, believes large stone blocks found near Sarajevo were man-made and polished in the same way as the pyramids of Giza, said the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation's Mario Gerussi.

So did the geologist actually say it? Or are the pyramid folks misquoting folks again?