Brief excerpt from an item in the Post-Gazette:

Emmy-Award winning producer Pierre Sauvage will present the story of Varian Fry, the subject of his latest PBS documentary, at South Hills Interfaith Ministries' 27th annual Holocaust Observance on Sunday.


Mr. Fry, 32, a Harvard-educated classicist and editor from New York City, helped save thousands of refugees who were caught in the Vichy French zone escape from Nazi terror during World War II. Yet this man, known as "the American Schindler," died in obscurity, without recognition, having been reprimanded by the U.S. government for his actions

Outside of the awkward statement of age, I have never heard of Mr. Fry's efforts before. The few websites I've checked out (and here) don't really mention the Classical connection except in passing. Perhaps working through the articles here will bear fruit.