Dunno if y'all have been following the aftermath of the Italian election or not, but the gist is that Berlusconi finally conceded and included among the strangeness that followed, was this bit (from Forbes):

However, this imbroglio wasn't half as entertaining as Berlusconi's gaucherie while welcoming a newly elected MP from his Forza Italia party, Mara Carfagna, a comely 30-year-old showgirl from his Mediaset empire. "I can assure you all that Mara is very clever as well as beautiful," he told a group of new MPs. "However, dear Mara, I am obliged to remind you of a rule in the Forza Italia group, the jus primae noctis," Berlusconi reportedly added--a Latin reference popularly used to describe the purported legal right of the lord of an estate in the Middle Ages to deflower its virgins. Cue uncomfortable grins all round.