This is somewhat refreshing ...'s Conservative Politics guide begins a piece with:

It's the Ides of April* once again, folks, when Uncle Sam comes to collect. It's not quite as bloody as the Ides of March, but painful none-the-less.

... but you notice that little asterisk, which points us to:

*(There may be brilliant, educated people who want to inform me that the Ides of April is really April 13, and not April 15 like in the Ides of March. Thanks for letting it slide. It's just fun to mix Julius Caesar's violent demise with April 15 and our own suffering. Thanks for being gracious.)

Compare that to the myriad articles which have been clogging my box this (and many another) year -- such as the Journal News and the St Petersburg Times, to name but two -- who seem blissfully unaware of the beginning of little rhyme I seem to have to repeat every year in the vain hope that writers of this sort of thing will pay attention:

In March, July, October, May the Ides are on the 15th day ...

... all other months (including the dreaded (for our US friends) April) have the Ides on the 13th.