For some reason, this bit from the Sofia News Agency is setting off alarm bells in my noggin' this a.m.:

A plate unearthed in Bulgarian land, which is dating back to the times of Mesopotamia civilization, has provided the code for reading the ancient letters of Thracians.

The sensational breakthrough was announced to be made by Bulgaria-born Dr Stefan Guide, residing in the US. He is an expert in linguistics, cryptography and transcendent analysis.

According to him, the decoded alphabet showed terms such as "Thracia" and "territory of Thracia" to have existed seven centuries before Christ - even before the civilizations of Egypt and Shumer.

The culture of Paleolith tribes living on nowadays Bulgarian land is believed to hide the roots of ancient Orphic mysteries.

Signs of sound alphabet have been discovered on the localities: Lepeneski Vir and Vincha in Serbia, Karanovo, Gradeshnitsa and Sitovo in Bulgaria, Tartaria in Romania as well as many localities in Macedonia.

More information on the findings - which, if true, will give an entirely new direction of the sciences of Thracians - will be held March 29, Wednesday, in the BTA press club in Sofia, archeologists announced.