Quod cibus est aliis, aliis est acre venenum.

What is food for some is a harsh poison for others.

(pron = kwohd KIH-boos ehst AH-lees, AH-lees ehst AHK-ray weh-NAY-noom.

Comment: What things do you find indigestible? We could speak here of things
both literal (food items) and metaphorical (ideas, practices, habits, beliefs).

In either case, there are things which you enjoy or depend on or at least simply
take for granted that I find unpleasant or repugnant or downright dangerous.
This works in reverse as well about some things that are positive for me and
negative for you.

If we listed all those things, even if we debated the metaphorical things in an
attempt to pursuade each other to change our views, I am fairly confident that
in the end our lists would remain essentially unchanged.

This proverb points out that we are the way we are for a variety of reasons both
complex and simple. For me, this proverb reminds me that acceptance is the
path. And, I am learning, acceptance begins with me. When I accept the way
that I am, then I have space within myself to accept you the way you are. When
I do not accept myself the way that I am, then I find it easy to turn my
scrutiny and judgment on you. In fact, I might find it easier to do so, for by
making you the object of my judgments, I take the heat off of myself!

And honestly, if anything is going to change, it always happens after the
acceptance--total, complete, nothing-held-back, acceptance.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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