MSNBC brings us the latest gossip on Vin Diesel's Hannibal flick ... such as it is:

Look out Mel Gibson. Vin Diesel is following in your footsteps.

Gibson raised eyebrows when his “The Passion of the Christ” was done entirely in the archaic language of Aramaic. Now Diesel has revealed that he wants to make a three-part swords and sandals epic based on the life of Hannibal. And he wants to do the films all in Punic, the language that was spoken by the Alps-crossing conqueror, but not by anyone for 2,000 years.

The star of “The Pacifier” tells the April issue of Details that his production company has set up offices in Spain, where the actor has spent months retracing Hannibal’s steps, hiking into the Alps, and visiting the ruins in Cartagena and Saguntum.

Diesel didn’t want people to know out that the film will be a three-parter. “You can’t say anything — you’ll ruin me!” he told the mag. “If Hollywood finds out I’m planning a trilogy I’ll be buried! It’ll be like, ‘you mother[bleep]er!’ Whack! Whack! WHACK!”

I wonder if he thinks the ruins in Cartagena and Saguntum are 'Punic' ...