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Fortuna favet fatuis.

Fortune favors fools.

(pron = fohr-TOO-nah FAH-whet FAH-too-ees)

comment: In many esoteric systems (Tarot, for instance) The Fool is an
interesting character. The Fool is the one who has given up all attempts at
controling his universe. The Fool is the one who dares to risk it all. The
Fool has, in a sense, already died and is living beyond death, or at least
beyond any fear of death. The Fool is the Child. The Fool is the adult who
has become the Child again. The Fool is willing to look at anything, consider
anthing, try anything, be open to everything, and enjoy the moment as it
happens. The Fool is not worried in the least if others laugh at her. The
Fool laughs with those who laugh at him and really enjoys the laughter.

The Fool is the one who experiences, in the present moment, the whole universe,
the joy of what is, eternal life. The Fool can do all of this because she
understands that right now is all there is.

How could Fortune not favor the Fool?

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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