If you need a translation and no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...The T Team [cue music]. From UPI:

A group of eight students at Loyola College in Baltimore spent a semester translating the prison diary of a Roman woman martyred for her Christian faith.

Loyola had decided to use "What Would You Die For? Perpetua's Passion" as a theme for its humanities classes because it raises questions about conflicting obligations and choices, the Baltimore Sun reported.

But professors felt that existing translations were too stilted.

The solution was to assembly an elite class of eight students with a simple assignment -- translate "Perpetua's Passion." Each student prepared 90 lines of translation for each class, and they then spent the class discussing the alternatives.

When the group got behind schedule, they started meeting three nights a week.

"It was a great experience, although we didn't sleep much for a couple months," said sophomore Irene Murphy.

The book has been published by Apprentice House, a student press at Loyola.

,,, just came across a more detailed version in the Baltimore Sun ...